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Let’s Review WordPress Plugin Discount – 93% OFF

Let’s Review is a WordPress review plugin for attaching beautiful reactive and modern review boxes to your posts with a valid JSON-LD schema. It is ready for Gutenberg and adds different exclusive Gutenberg review blocks, making it easier to add beautiful and detailed review boxes than ever before. Thanks to a logical and well built backend scheme, let’s review is strong but ridiculously simple to use. You can find several illustrated options and fast drag and drop options that allow you to add unlimited, positive and negative criteria. And thanks to the capacity to add limitless modern affiliate buttons with exclusive animations to your reviews, you can also monetize your reviews.
Let’s review allows you to choose from several options for formatting, including Percentage, Points, Stars, Custom Icon and Custom Picture. You can enter any html code for the icons with the Custom Icon option.
The plugin comes with integrated FontAwesome (If needed, you can disable plugin options), meaning you already have 628 icons to choose from. You can upload any image of a single thing you want to appear with the Custom Image option, and the plugin will automatically display it 5 times per criterion and in the final score box, and on top of that with a bit of magic code, all the animation effects will be generated automatically by the plugin.
Plugin for WordPress Analysis with Affiliate Choices
Let’s Review also comes with affiliate options for your reviews, so you can use beautiful affiliate buttons to monetize your reviews. To any site you want, add an infinite number of them. Each button’s text is also customizable.
WordPress review plugin
Reviews from users in comments
Enhance the experience of your guest by enabling them to send their own complete feedback. Thanks to an elegant incorporation into the WordPress comments framework, visitor reviews are possible.
Thumbs up/down scheme for visitor comment feedback (Helpful/Not Helpful)
Let other visitors determine whether a review left in the comments by another visitor is useful/not useful with a modern up/down count scheme that is beautifully incorporated into the comments.
Let’s study Blocks of Gutenberg
The latest Let’s Review Gutenberg blocks make it simpler and faster to add reviews than ever before. It can be used intuitively, conveniently and rapidly. No need for hideous shortcodes any more!
Set default review options
You can save time by setting your default options, thanks to the default options section. The default options include accent color, format, layout, type of animation, location, skin color style, and criteria.
The Strong Widget
A versatile widget also comes with the plugin. There are plenty of choices to choose from in the Let’s Review widget, including different options for designs, order options and filters.
Tool for Shortcode
Let’s Analysis comes with numerous strong shortcodes that you can use. Thanks to the nifty Let’s Review shortcode app, which is added automatically to the editor toolbar, inserting them is simple as a pie.
Top Support for Class
Let’s Review is probably the most strong review system for WordPress ever made and published. And if you experience any problems, you can rely on top quality help to go with it.
Codetipi on all Themeforest for nothing is not the highest ranked top-selling author!
Resource for Migration
With Valenti (theme), 15Zine (theme), Extra Theme/Divi Reviews or WP Product Review (Themeisle plugin), do you have reviews created? In a matter of seconds and with a single click, you can convert all those reviews to Let’s Review reviews.
Translatable to any language and Ready for RTL
Fully-translatable to any language with the support of .po/.mo files (including RTL ones). And the plugin already comes with the completed French and Spanish translation files. As kind users submit them in more languages will be introduced over time.
Inbuilt Rich Snippets markup
Review boxes come with rich snippet markup, which ensures that the review data is seen when search engines such as Google. This is useful for improving the search engines’ CTR.
Super clean code, super clean code
The plugin is written in super clean code, following the best WordPress and OOP coding practices. Ensuring great performance, compatibility with themes and compatibility with future versions of WordPress.
Gallery optional
In a lovely gallery that opens in a stylish full-screen slideshow, show off more pictures of the product being reviewed.
Full List of Characteristics:
Lots of styles to choose from and variations
Gutenberg Blocks Exclusive Analysis
Criteria Unlimited
Negatives Infinite
Positives Unlimited
Affiliate Buttons Unrestricted
Translatable into every language
Compatible With RTL
Add posts and custom posts with feedback
Strong Widget with many possibilities
Incorporated valid review rich snippet schema markup to display review data in search results. Note: Google cannot be pressured to display analysis snippets in a search. They have modified how it all operates, and even though you have a 100% legitimate plan, they can no longer display it in the reports, as spammers have been exploiting the system for years. This prompted them to clamp down hard on it and just reveal it occasionally by the algorithm (Notice how these days you don’t see many summary snippets anymore in searches?).
Choice for Inbuilt Gallery
Default Time saving options when adding new feedback
Using the ratings with any custom icon
For the ratings, use any picture
Percentage For
The Points
Set choice fonts for your boxes for analysis
Comes with integrated FontAwesome 5 and can be disabled in the plugin options
Extensive paperwork
Select from 3 different animation types for the screen view criteria.
Choose between editor only/visitor only/editor + feedback of visitors
Choice for Visitor Rating
Model Sensitive
Ready Retina
Ready Gutenberg
The Let’s Review API enables you to quickly capture the final score, subtitle of the final score and color review to add integration into any style. Zeen, Valenti and 15Zine themes have the plugin’s API incorporated for out-of-the-box additional features and plugin integration, so that’s how the results can be shown on templates beyond the actual post (such as on the homepage of the demo). If you have no programming experience, you may need a developer’s assistance to help you incorporate it into whatever theme you might use, as each theme is coded differently and it is difficult for the plugin to automatically insert itself beyond the actual post page in post loops.

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