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MemberPress Courses Discount – 93% OFF

Creating and selling online courses has become as simple as drag and drop and as inexpensive as buying MemberPress with the latest MemberPress Courses Add-on, making what was once a massive, daunting task an extremely painless one.

With the Courses Add-on, coupled with powerful features specifically built to make creating online classes super easy, you get all the ease of use that you expect from MemberPress. The add-on brings all that complexity to a simple click-and-go method and boils it down.Online courses are not an overwhelming undertaking anymore.

Even before COVID struck, online instructional courses were booming. But we’re ushering in the stay-at-home era, and we’ve seen this business model soar in popularity. These forms of membership company are run by many of our clients here at MemberPress.

And that isn’t a wonder. People are ready to enroll in online classes with time on their hands and interest on their minds for anything from fitness and company to knitting, dancing and pretty much everything else you can imagine teaching or learning.

But the difficulties and costs of setting up are what has stopped many people from taking advantage of the booming online courses industry.

The whole thing can seem out of control, with potentially thousands of hierarchical pages to arrange, loads of content to create, and complicated coding to tinker with.

The best part is that as part of MemberPress, courses are now included, so any feature is built right in and no separate download is needed.MemberPress Courses - WorldPress IFY

As stated, it has historically taken vast amounts of complicated coding to build a website for online courses. Before, you will have to spend countless hours modifying the theme and fiddling with HTML and CSS in addition to designing your course.

Our latest add-on makes it a thing of the past with all that frustrating coding. Features such as the Classroom Mode of MemberPress take care of the look and feel (and are easily customizable through the Customizer of WordPress), so you can concentrate on creating better material.

There is no need for knowledge of coding because all the styling is constructed right in, including amazing features such as progress tracking (more on that later).

In Classroom Mode, the add-on provides your courses and lessons with its own modern style, allowing you to create beautiful front end content without ever having to bother with styling.

MemberPress Courses add powerful WordPress LMS features that do the job for you. You can even see, right from the WordPress Customizer, what your front end adjustments would look like live.

Tracking Course Progress

In the past, when using MemberPress, it was important to install a separate WordPress LMS plugin to allow progress tracking through your curriculum. Not any more, though.

MemberPress Courses allow users to see their progress in each class they have begun. Not only that, but you will be able to see how your subscribers are progressing through the curriculum as a site administrator, too. This knowledge offers useful insight into the courses’ user-friendliness and popularity.

With pages, sub-pages and custom post forms, no more fiddling around

There is no longer a need to determine where WordPress will be placed for your course material, to create pages and subpages, or to set up custom post forms. And you also no longer need to install a WordPress LMS plugin alongside MemberPress, unless you need some pretty advanced features for your curriculum.

In MemberPress, the Courses Add-on offers a basic menu item where you can access all of your courses. You can view all of your curriculum in one location from this menu object, plus add new and edit existing courses.You can also edit all of your online courses and related lessons in the WordPress Block Editor right now. You can also switch lessons around inside courses using the Curriculum tab using a simple click and drag feature.

Creating and managing access rules quicklyThe new add-on helps you, as with all MemberPress products, to secure your online course content with easy-to-use guidelines. With any other tag or category you set up, you can cover single courses, sets of courses, or courses. With this feature, without having to use a word of up-sell jargon, you can convey added value to your users (though there’s nothing wrong with that!).

To create subscriptions, use the sales feature

Develop your curriculum for the course… Visually

Speaking of up-sell jargon, when a user encounters a page they don’t have access to, you want to make sure they have the option to subscribe. The add-on makes this a piece of cake, enabling you to create a sales page which users encounter whenever they don’t have access to a specific course or lesson. 

Advanced features for power users

If you have more experience up your sleeve and would like to customize things a bit more, the new add-on has you covered. As a power user, you can simply disable Classroom mode so that you have more control over the look and feel of your courses. Whatever your level of understanding and experience, the new MemberPress Courses Add-on features are built to accommodate your needs.

Ready to try it out? This new integration is available to anyone with a MemberPress subscription, including Basic. Download the MemberPress Courses Add-on from the Add-ons page in your MemberPress dashboard menu to get started, and get busy boosting your bottom line!

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