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Product Catalog Feed Pro – PixelYourSite – WorldPressIFY


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Product Catalog Feed Pro – PixelYourSite Discount – 93% OFF

Build WooCommerce Auto-updated Feeds for:
Product Catalog on Facebook
Merchant from Google
Custom Feed Remarketing by Google Ads
Facebook Feeds for Product Catalog
XML feeds that will upload your items to Facebook Product Catalogs auto-updated.
Product Catalog Feed Pro – PixelYourSite - WorldPressIFY
The feed can be downloaded as XML or CSV documents as well.
Feeds on Google Merchant
Google Merchant’s auto-updated XML feeds.
The feed can be downloaded as XML or CSV documents as well.
Custom Feeds from Google
You can use a “custom feed” format for your Google Ads (former AdWords) remarketing campaigns when Google Merchant is not available in your region.
Logic to Fallback
The plugin tries to use the best value for each feed submitted. If he can’t find it he’ll look for the next best match possible. On a feed-based basis, you can uncheck any of the default options.
Multiple Feeds Handle
Edit, copy URL, regenerate, import, or uninstall all of your feeds quickly.
Keep up to date with your inventory
Your feeds will be hosted on a server of your own and you can upload them to Facebook or Google using a dedicated URL.
Automatically, the plugin can regenerate the feeds at predetermined intervals.
Flexible options for Google Taxonomy
Google Taxonomy can be configured at the feature level, the category level, the plugin level, and even at the feed level.
Create the feeds you want
Exclude feed variations, regulate the functioning of “grouped” and “bundle” items, filter products by category, product class, inventory, or sale.
Customize each commodity
Exclude a product from all your feeds, specify its status, add MPN or GTIN, pick Google Taxonomy, or add two additional images to your feeds. The default product URL can also be replaced with a custom one.
Encourage your latest or best-selling goods
Under the “custo label 0” area, the plugin will add “smart tags” to all your streams.
You will apply the “recent product” tag to your most new items.
In the last 30 days, the “top-30-days” tag will be applied to your best-selling items.
How many items are going to get these tags can be regulated.
Use them on Facebook to build Product Sets, and Google Merchant Product Groups.
Fields of Extra Product
For all your goods and combinations, the plugin advertises a variety of helpful additional areas.
Map Product Attributes Current
If you already have unique data from Google Merchant as a product attribute, you can map it from the plugin’s main page to the correct field feed.

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