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Real 3D Flipbook Discount – 93% OFF

Build wonderful realistic 3D magazines, catalogues, flipbooks and brochuresThe Real3D Flipbook converts your files of web page fillip transitions, lights or shadows into incredibly realistic 3D flipbooks. It’s simple to use and completely customizable. No shock needed, a hundred percent HTML5. No server facet conversion, all is done at runtime, you only use the pdf file for photos and url consideration. It helps to assimilate strong pages’ HTML content material, youtube video, text, image, connect, iframe, or fashion along with inline CSS. The PDF flipbook supports internal and external links, but with keyword highlighting, textual material inquires. It comes with several modes of consideration: realistic WebGL mode, quick 3D & 2D anger (CSS only but Swipe anger including straight swipe page transitions. You want to try exceptional rage on your smartphone or desktop. It is a turned output so much gives on all structures and devices the excellent study ride. All updates for the future are free. Inclusion of source files and documentation.

Simple to use according to

It’s simple to build flipbooks easily, just add PDF or pix or let you publish a page in the shortcode between you.

Out of the PDF Flipbook

You immediately execute the gender 3D book next to the PDF file. PDF flipbook helps select textual content, while text inquires like highlighting keywords. Both hyperlinks inside the pdf will routinely work within the flipbook.

Flipbook next to pictures

Beyond pictures, you also perform flipbook effects. Photos may be landscape, portrait, single web page, or double page, including cover as a single page.

Flipbook Practical 3D

In gender imitation, Real3D Flipbook uses WebGL in highly sensitive 3D flipbooks along with web page bending, brilliant pages, lights and shadows.

Flipbook 3D & 2D

Ultra-fast or light-weight CSS3 flipbook, except for WebGL. The best choice is if your goal is rapid web page lodging or high performance after CSS flipbook.


Book Swipe

Touch friendly swipe dye will hold only over cellular then penury viewer, that is, aged. Swipe color displays documents such as horizontal swipe as a flip replacement, as is more common for cellular devices. Swipe color detects the altar or orientation of chastity in conjunction with the single web page or dual web page style view.

Fully customisable UI

Since you completely customize the user interface, Real3D Flipbook fits flawlessly between any subject. You can swap colors for the menu, button colors, form, scale, border, shadows, then hide buttons you don’t need.

Flipbooks Completely Customizable

By customizing something out of page pop speed, page pop tone, paper thickness, camera angle, lights, web page shininess, web page metallicity, zoom levels, build a flipbook that suits your content material perfectly.


Real3D flipbook warehouse, laptop & smartphone, properly over all structures. Practical 3D web page flip animations with web page bending, lights and shadows are supported in the default WebGL mode. Computer browsers are supported by this enthusiasm. There is an alternate CSS3D mode that uses only animations from CSS3. There is also the single page mode that can remain used, namely non-existence, so only mobile devices can be chronic.

Flipbooks Unlimited

You can get infinite numbers of books as you stay somewhere on your website.

Flipbooks administration

Beyond your library, you may edit, reproduce, yet extrude books. Additionally, you can export all the books to JSON. The duplicate function allows you to build template flipbooks, so you can easily create instant flipbooks by duplicating the template.

Parameters for Shortcode

Shortcode supports a number of one-of-a-kind parameters so they are much easier to use.

Mode lightbox (popup)

You execute a text hyperlink with lightbox passion and a picture hyperlink somewhere over your website and the flipbook option is opened from a lightbox by clicking on a hyperlink. You may have a few books/magazines/brochures on the same page about this direction.

Mode Sensitive (boxed)

Sensitive dye produces a flipbook that can be placed on anywhere within a website and article, including non-compulsory quantity.

Mode of Fullscreen

The flipbook purpose cowl the entire page with Fullscreen paint, along alternative in accordance with the stand below the page navigation.

Inner flipbook interactive content material

In imitation of flipbook pages, you conjoin anyone with HTML content material. With html css then javasctipt, you perform interactive pages with links, buttons, images, music players, iframes, or anything up to expectation is possible. Build video albums, digital portfolio books, related magazines, videos and music…

Full Feature List

Realistic turn of 3D web page animation

Customizable speed of enkindling then change of form of state

The 3D Book Revolution

Customizable lights for appearance

Sensitive Concept Responsive

Web-optimized appearance and feeling of a local mobile app with tap swipe, pinch zoom, etc.

Works on all major platforms, no Flash Player wanted to run in compliance with running

Smart website loading-loading of just cutting-edge pages

Select realistic yet interactive CSS3D mode WebGl dye

Display thumbnails on all pages

The Content Material Table-Customizable

Advanced zooming guide for desktop mouse circle zoom, smartphone pinch zoom, zoom scrollbars, tap swipe, press and drag.

Actual fullscreen help-condition fullscreen is no longer enabled by the browser, fullscreen agreement is supported to expand the ebook in the completed screen of the browser.

Friendly retina icons-ikon font aged due to menu icons, completely customizable-trade color, scale, fall shadow accumulation etc.

Customizable bill that only uses icons you like

Yahoo, Twitter, Google Plus, social media. The connectedin

2 skins included, skins customizable via CSSS

Enclosed history trends

Right because of eastern countries in line with left color

Well known, well reported,

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