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    We Purchase and Download From Original Developers, to provide the most authentic & relevant version. Note: We're not directly affiliated or associated with PowerPack Elements for Elementor developers and we appreciate the authors' effort and original work. Names, expressions and trademarks are used to the minimum extent necessary to truthfully and accurately identify the item.

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    WordPress enforces the GPL/GNU license on ALL plugins & themes that 3rd party developers create for WordPress. The GPL license means that every script written for WordPress and their derivatives, must be free (Including all plugins and Themes). We are able to offer prices which are incredibly low for official items due to the fact we purchase all items directly from the authors and redistribute them to the public. The Price is a one-time price for full access, It's not a recurring payment. Original Author Support is not included if purchased from WorldPressify.


X The Theme Discount – 93% OFF

In one powerful WordPress theme, Stacks-X contains several unique designs, and we refer to these designs as “Stacks.” There are currently four Stacks in X available. It’s like buying one theme and getting endless access all the time to new designs! We have built some exclusive demonstrations, so be sure to check all of them out.

Extensions-X has already produced an impressive lineup of additional plugins quickly installed on the firm base. Extensions are composed of plugins developed by our staff to function seamlessly with X inside the X ecosystem, as well as third party plugins by developers with whom we have collaborated to bring you great functionality that we have tightly incorporated into the theme. For those who may not need a certain function, this keeps X lean and as powerful as possible for those who do! For more detail on these awesome features that are provided for free with each unique order, be sure to check out a complete list of our Extensions, as well as this FAQ explaining how the licensing works.

Experts-X was built on feedback from industry-leading professionals. We consulted various people and asked them what kind of features they wanted to see from an SEO point of view, design, feature set, et cetera, in a theme and developed their ideas right into the theme. Forget the talk about ads, X really delivers on what it promises.

Theme Options Panel-It is something we wanted to do from the start to be on the cutting edge of WordPress growth. Because of that, we made sure that the use of clunky additional admin panels was avoided and instead chose to use a strong, recently reconstructed theme options panel. With this configuration, in addition to searching for exactly what you need, you can preview all of the changes you make to your site live without the need to switch windows or refresh the browser. Click ‘Save’ when you’re pleased with your changes and your updates will go live. One can edit any of the following:

X | The Theme - 1

Range of Stack (Integrity, Renew, Icon, or Ethos)

Layout site (fullwidth or boxed)

Max-width site (in pixels)

Width of site (in percentage)

Content layout (left content, right sidebar, left sidebar, right content, or full width)

Fade color, pattern, text, and image context

Countless options unique to Stack

If required, allow custom fonts and their subsets

Logo font, color, height, weight, letter spacing, and select upper case styling to allow

Color of the navbar connection, color of the link hover, height, weight, and select to allow upper case styling

Font, color, weight, letter spacing, and select headings to allow upper case styling

Font of body, colour, size (area of base and content), and weight

Color of link and color of link hover

Type of Button (3D, flat, or transparent)

Form of button (square, rounded, or pill)

Width of button (mini, small, regular, large, extra large, or jumbo)

Button font color, color of the background, and color of the border (and set values for the hover as well)

Place of Header (static top, fixed top, fixed left, or fixed right)

Logo and Style of Navigation (inline or stacked)

Enable or disable Search from Navbar

Top height of navbar (in pixels)

Hand Width Navbar Navbar (in pixels)

Uploading logo

Make the retina logo ready.

Alignment of the Navbar top and side logo (in pixels)

Alignment of the Navbar top and side link (in pixels)

Alignment of Handheld Navbar Buttons (in pixels)

Scale of Mobile Navbar Press (in pixels)

Areas with header widgets (one, two, three, or four)

Color of header widget area button

Widget Area Header Button Color Hover

Enable or Deactivate Topbar

Content topbar for taglines, contact information, or secondary navigation (accepts HTML input)

Enable or deactivate breadcrumbs

Enable or disable the top footer area)

Areas of Footer widgets (one, two, three, or four)

Allow or disable bottom footer, footer menu, social footer menu, and area of footer content

Material from bottom footer (accepts HTML input)

Enable or disable Scroll Top Anchor, enabling your users to click a mouse to return to the top of your site.

Blog Type Update (standard or masonry)

Blog Layout Change

Archive Style Update (standard or masonry)

Archive Layout Update

Enable or Disable Meta Post

Enable the content of an excerpt or complete post on your index page

Custom URL slug for your products with portoflio

Enable featured cropped images

Enable or disable meta items from the portfolio

Name of custom portfolio tag list

Plan title for custom portfolio

Project custom portfolio text button

Enable or disable social media links on portfolio products

Manage and preview your setup with bbPress

Updating the layout of bbPress

Activate or deactivate the bbPress Navbar menu.

Manage and preview your setup for BuddyPress

BuddyPress Layout Change

Enable or deactivate the BuddyPress Navbar Menu

Titles of the Custom BuddyPress component

Subtitles for the Custom BuddyPress component (in applicable Stacks)

Manage and preview your shop with WooCommerce

Shop layout update

Select columns of goods

Posts for the shop per page

Easily allow or deactivate different product tabs

Activate or deactivate similar products and modify their appearance (post count, columns, et cetera)

Enable or disable Upsells and adjust the appearance of them (post count, columns, et cetera)

Activate or deactivate Cross Sells and change their appearance (post count, columns, et cetera)

Change the orientation of WooCommerce widget photos

Yahoo, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Foursquare, YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Pinterest, Dribbble, Behance, Tumblr, and RSS Feed Profiles

Icons of a site (favicon, touch icon, tile icon, and tile icon background color)

Input custom CSS directly into the Customizer Theme

Input custom JavaScript right in the Theme Customizer

Right in the Theme Customizer, control all your widgetized regions

And a lot more!

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